Many people ask me how I stay fit in the winter, and keep Ruby exercised. Since she is a husky mix, she doesn’t care that it’s below freezing, icy, or snowy, and so I still get that “are we going out on a walk or not?” look! Thank God for her, and for Yak Trax. I swear by these things and wear them on the outside of my hikers or snow boots when I take her on walks in the winter. I’ve also tested so many of them, but these are the ones that are the most durable and versatile. Now I can go check the mail in downtown Frisco, or walk up to Rainbow Lake on lunch with these things on and NEVER slip and fall. They come in all sizes and depending on how much you use them, can last a few years. Here is the link to purchase, or you can also try to find them around town at one of the many sporting goods stores. Just go in and ask for “Yak Trax” or “Spikes” and they’ll know what you’re talking about!


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