Thinking about how you’ll prepare for Summit County weather? Read on and check out our additional links to find out everything you need to know!

Mountain Weather Rules:

  1. Wait 5 minutes and the weather will change.
  2. Always keep warm layers to change into every so often. (See Rule 1.)

In the mountains, all four seasons can happen within one day!  Here are some generalities to help guide you.  Elevation can have a huge effect on the weather, and in Summit County it happens we go from 8,000 feet up to 13,000 feet at the highest ski peak.  So remember to always have an extra pair of socks, boots, jacket, hat, and gloves – even in the middle of summer.

Winter is October through March.  Usually the first snow happens in late October.  Sometimes it can snow in May, June, or even July!  But for the most part, a majority of the snow pack will melt by the end of March, possibly April.  Ice fishing, snow shoeing, and skiing are fun this time of year.

Spring is April & May.  Otherwise known as “mud season” or “shoulder season” due to the melting of the snow.  April and May can be spring-like, with flowers blooming and baby animals roaming about.  Hiking and fishing are getting good and some ski resorts are still open.  Lake Dillon Reservoir usually thaws during this time.  Expect many restaurants to be closed for maintenance and to give employees a break.

Summer is June through August.  Flowers, birds, animals, and tourists abound!  The lake is open for sailing, paddle boarding, and summer fishing, but no swimming allowed – ever.  Lake Dillon is too cold year-round, and it’s the Denver Water source. Summer festivals and concerts outdoors are very popular and ample in all areas.  Visit any weekend and there will be plenty of hiking, festivities, and events awaiting you.

Fall is September & October.  A relatively peaceful and quiet time, as most summer activities have come to an end.  With October the leaves change turning the whole mountain side a beautiful array of oranges and reds.  Make plans to have nice scenic drives, and cool hikes with not a lot of people around.  Expect many restaurants to be closed for maintenance and to give employees a break.

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