Looking for some additional information on Summit County’s history and more? Read on to find out more on Dillon Reservoir, Breckenridge, Frisco & Keystone.

Summit County History and Info

Dillon Reservoir

Did you know that Lake Dillon Reservoir is man-made?  The Town of Frisco was already in existence, and all the buildings at the bottom of the lake were moved to the new towns of Dillon and Silverthorne.

Some of us consider the lake to be the heart of the county – with all the towns and ski resorts surrounding the alpine lake.  The lake was built in the 1970s to serve as a reservoir for Denver Water, around the same time as the Eisenhower Tunnel.

Today Lake Dillon Reservoir doubles as a recreation area for boaters, anglers, sailors, and so much more.  But no swimming allowed!  It’s too cold and Denver Water likes to keep their supply clean.

Breckenridge and Frisco

There are others who consider Breckenridge or Frisco to be at the heart of our county.  Both have history that date back before the mining days of the early 1800s.  The true stories of these towns include all the best of the West – robberies, mining successes and failures, trains, and so much more!


Keystone was once owned by Purina Ralston and was also developed in the 1970s.  It was originally being built to suit the Olympics, but alas, they never came to this area.  There are many locals who have lived and worked on the resort since its inception.

There have been many books written about our wonderful local history.  Feel free to stop by one of our local museums or bookstores (yes, we still have those) to find out more.

Other Info

Most of the ski areas in Summit County are actually National Forest.  The resorts lease the land and water rights from the National Forest Service in order to function.  There are technical skiers who will “skin” up the mountain (with no chair lifts) and ski down; and have every right to do so for free because they are enjoying our National Forests

Each town and resort has their own rules with regards to Transfer Taxes, Private Resort Transfer Fees, and “Owed But Not Due” tap fees, which all come into effect when buying or selling property. Check out our blog on taxes here!

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