Short Term Rental Regulations Update

/Short Term Rental Regulations Update

Short Term Rental Regulations Update

Short Term Rental Regulations: All of the local municipalities have hired a common database to begin collecting short term rental information on all the local properties.  Per Colorado State Law, a short term rental is defined as 30 days or less. If you are renting out your unit, or even considering exchanging it for someone else’s house, you must apply to your local municipality.  To clarify this further, we have compiled an easy to follow infographic that briefly explains each area’s rules and fees.

The reason this is coming about is because some short term renters have unfortunately not been respectful of life and safety issues, like parking in emergency zones, harassing and feeding wildlife and following noise ordinances.  As a result, the local police 9-1-1 phone lines have been inundated with non-emergency calls for these issues. Now the town and county governments are trying to educate short term renters, as well as hold property owners accountable in a timely fashion.

Please read through the infographic, and call us with any questions.  We have all of the backup documentation for applying, as well as further explanation of the life and safety requirements for your unit.  Additionally, if you have a property manager they can fulfill all of these duties for you.


Short Term Rental Regulations [Infographic]

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