Curious about the market in 2018?

The average sales prices are up, inventory and days on market in 2018 are down in all areas. We are continuing to see strong interest in the area as more and more people decide to retire, semi-retire, and vacation in our area.  As the world politics and business environments get more stressful, the importance of owning a vacation property is evident amongst our buyers.  Sellers are selling because they are moving up, or moving to another area.

Take a look at the change from the market in 2017 to the market in 2018 on these live and interactive graphs.  Call us if you want to discuss a certain market sector in greater depth. Due to the nature of our resort market, there are numerous segments that are very specialized. For example, a rural single family home will have a different valuation process than a condo on one of the ski resorts. We LOVE talking stats about our local real estate market, so don’t hesitate to call!

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market in 2018









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